Telephone Surveys and Polls with automated phone calls

Autodialer will allow you to easily perform automated telephone surveys or polls in no time. It is the only survey tool that can bring results in very short period of time.

Prepare your questionnaire and record or upload your recordings. Import your contacts and start the campaign. The system will start calling all of your contacts, play your questions and record the answers. Recipients can hear the question again if they require. If some contacts do not answer the first time they will be called again. If someone calls back because of the missed call, they will be presented with your survey exactly as if we had called them.

At the end you will get detailed report of phone calls attempted, questions answered by each recipient and accumulated statistics on every question asked

Telephone Surveys can be used by:

  • Market Researchers - Get peoples opinion on a product or service
  • Political Parties - Political Parties often have a need to survey their members to discover their opinion about a certain matter
  • Retailers - Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Available Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Notification and Alert Campaigns

Call your contacts and play your message


Lead Generation and Telemarketing Campaigns

Call all your prospects and divert to a live agent only if recipient is interested.


The Autodialer is a unique tool to communicate with existing customers and attract new using automated voice messages.