Overview of Autodialer

What is Autodialer and how it works

autodialer overview

Autodialer is a telecommunication solution that allows you to rapidly broadcast recorded messages, to thousands of recipients using automated telephone calls.

Autodialer will provide you with all the tools you need in order to perform voice campaigns that professional call centers would be jealous of. No hardware or software is required.

How does Autodialer work in principle

As soon as you start your campaign, the system will start calling your contacts in huge batches. All call attempts are being recorded and all data is available to you in real time. Unanswered calls are being retried 4-5 hours after the initial attempt. If anybody calls back following a missed call, the system will replay your message as if we had called him.
At the end of your campaign you will receive detailed report and statistics about each and every call attempted.

Notification and Alert Campaigns

Call your contacts and play your message


Lead Generation and Telemarketing Campaigns

Call all your prospects and divert to a live agent only if recipient is interested.


Telephone Surveys and polls

Create and execute automated telephone Surveys and polls in no time.


Getting Started:

  1. Register
  2. Upload and organize your Contacts in groups
  3. Buy required amount of Credits for your campaign
  4. Record, upload or create recordings using our Text to Speech engine
  5. Choose appropriate type of Campaign and send your messages

Autodialer will enable you to:

  • Send alerts or Notifications via telephone to large groups of people almost instantly
  • Easily Generate business leads with targeted campaigns
  • Target your Campaigns to specific geographical locations
  • View real-time analytics about your campaigns
  • Schedule your voice campaigns for future delivery
  • Personalize your voice campaigns using Text to Speech for higher results