Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Finding sales leads using your sales force team can prove to be difficult, lengthy and costly process. Sales teams can spend up to 70% of their time contacting people who aren't ready to buy, a very frustrating process. Automatic Lead generation is the process of creating sales leads using automated processes and pass only interested prospects to a live agent which can easily convert them into a sale for the company.

Autodialer will call all your contacts and will reproduce your recorded message. At the end of your message, interested recipients can press 1 on their phone keypad in order to talk to one of your representatives. Alternatively you can configure the system to ask your contacts to leave you a voicemail or just a callback request by email(voicemail campaign), in order to call them back later on.

In this way your sales force team will only talk to people already interested about your service or product, and your sales will explode. Automatic lead generation can be very effective allowing your sales team to focus in serving your clients better.

Lead Generation and Telemarketing Campaigns can be used by:

  • MLM Promoters - Contact thousands of people and let them know about your new offer or product
  • Travel Agents - Contact existing customers and let them know about new destinations or last minute offers
  • Bank and Insurance agencies - Promote new insurance services or loans
  • Political Parties - Get in touch with your voters and let them know about your upcoming political event

Available Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Notification and Alert Campaigns

Call your contacts and play your message


Telephone Surveys and polls

Create and execute automated telephone Surveys and polls in no time.