Alerts and Notification Campaigns

Autodialer can be used with impressive results for Alerts and Notifications to large groups of people.

The system will call every recipient in your contact list and will play your pre-recorded message. Upon completion of the voice message, recipients have the option to press 1 and hear the voice message again. If people in your contact list miss your call and call back, they will hear your message exactly as if we had called them.

It is the easiest, fastest and most efficient and economical way to notify large groups of people in a short period of time.

Autodialer Notification Campaigns can be used by:

  • Schools and Education organisations - Schools use our services to protect students and alert parents. Closures, delays, change of classes, notify everybody on time!
  • Churches and religious Organisations - Provide prayer reminders or notify your congregation about community events
  • Event Reminders - Notify and remind your guests about events
  • Political Campaigns - Get in touch with your voters and let them know about your upcoming political event
  • Retail Shop Announcements - Notify existing customers around your area about sales or promotions in your shop
  • Debt Collection - Notify and remind large groups of people about outstanding debts.
  • Staff Notification Service - Notify your staff about shift changes, weather alerts or events about your business

Available Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Lead Generation and Telemarketing Campaigns

Call all your prospects and divert to a live agent only if recipient is interested.


Telephone Surveys and polls

Create and execute automated telephone Surveys and polls in no time.